“Pubgalaxy is very knowledgable in the programmatic ad space and is the ideal partner for a publisher like Dealnews to manage our programmatic advertising. With our previous agency, we were not seeing revenue from our ad inventory increase and they did not have clear answers or a strategy for helping to make revenue increase. The Pubgalaxy team is upfront, organized, knowledgable and provides great service. They have helped increase our programmatic ad revenue by several percentage points.” 

– Tim Muiller – 

“PubGalaxy has helped SpeedGuide not only monetize unused inventory, but also keep up with changes in the industry, considerably increase revenue, and focus on our creative process. We have tried many companies throughout the years, but we decided to work with PubGalaxy based on their professionalism, expertise in the industry, and ability to adapt the process to our needs. Customer service is excellent, always reachable, knowledgeable and able to offer suggestions, reports, and solve the few problems we’ve encountered throughout the years we’ve worked with them. Overall, PubGalaxy is one of very few agencies we can truly recommend without any reservations.” 

– Philip Filipov – 

“Having tried 5 different ad networks before, including Google AdSense, I can say for sure that PubGalaxy provides the best service by far. In the last few months, I have almost tripled the website’s ad earnings, without sacrificing user experience for my visitors.
The customer service is top-notch and communicates immediately. It is really great to know that whatever happens, I can speak directly to Stella, my dedicated account manager, who does an exceptional job of answering all my concerns and questions.

– Minas Giannekas –