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Have a look at our Publishers Success Stories and check out the results achieved.

Key Result: 44% Revenue Increase

Find out this success story with Novel Updates to uncover the monetization goals achieved via solutions such as header bidding,  smart react, smart view and ongoing optimizations.

Key Result: 30% Revenue increase

Back in August 2018, GSMArena decided to entrust the monetization of its mobile inventory to PubGalaxy, as a test run, and only a month later – desktop as well. 

Key Result: 27% page RPM Growth

This is a success story about a publisher who, like many, started off by using just AdSense. Check it out to find out how PubGalaxy helped them ramp up their revenues.

Key Result: 56% CPM Increase

SegmentNext joined PubGalaxy in early 2018 and we thought we’d share with you how we’ve managed to ramp up their performance and how we compare with their previous partner.

Key Result: 59% revenue increase offers an online photo editing tool that attracts a diverse and dedicated audience worldwide. Check out the story to find out how they streamlined their processes and maximized ad performance.

Key Result: 45% Revenue Growth

Scott Webster from is one of those publishers who can share learnings from over a decade worth of experience. Check out his monetization learnings in the success story below.

Key Result: 54% Revenue Boost

Discover how NoticiasAutomotivas, a publisher with a strong audience in Latin America, is coping with website monetization in the dynamic world of ad tech.

Key Result: 22% RPM Growth in 2 months

Worried about the transition process from one partner to another? Check out the success story below to understand what the onboarding process with PubGalaxy looks like.

Key Result: 18% Fill Rate Jump

Check out this success story with to discover what can be achieved via close collaboration, header bidding, and constant optimizations.

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