Sticky ads

Inventory with a facelift

Ad Layout Optimization

Sticky ads are the ads that stay adrift once a user is accessing a web page content. As the name suggests, it sticks to the browser window throughout the session of the reader. Whatever the depth of the scroll, they are always visible to the user. These ads deliver super high user engagement and viewability, which makes them the top performers of any monetization setup across the board. Sticky Ads allow publishers to place and emphasize ads inside and outside of a website’s layout. Publishers can choose from a variety of placements, sizes, and types of sticky ads to match web page layout. With little to no impact on UX, these ad snits are an essential part of the publisher toolkit for revenue growth.

Higher CPM than ATF units

Product highlights

Customizable and tailored to your website’s design.

Extremely high viewability rates.

High-quality inventory that drives premium advertiser engagement.

Available for Desktop, Mobile, and AMP.

Easy to implement and maintain.


Convoy Sticky Ads are portrait-sized vertical display ads that exist on the web page sides and they are always visible to the user, regardless of the depth of the scroll. Usually, these ads have a fixed position on both the left and right sides of the page.


Sizes: 160×600, 300×600

Devices: Desktop, Tablet


Adhesives, also known as Horizontal Sticky ads are landscape-sized display ads positioned to stay at the top of a webpage. The bottom ones are a variation of the horizontal ads. The difference is ad placement, at the bottom of a webpage, unlike horizontal ads that are placed at the top.

Adhesive ads

Sizes: 728×90

Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Side Scroll

Side Scroll or Sidebar Ads on some websites display sticky ads along with the sidebar content. Since sidebar content is one of the hotspots, publishers tend to run these ads accompanying organic content in order to achieve a better user experience.

Sticks ads 300x250

Sizes: 300×250, 300×600, 160×600

Devices: Desktop, Tablet

Why implement Sticky ads?

Sticky units help both sell-side and buy-side, as they maximize ad viewability and stay time. On-page sticky ad placements can vary and they can be customized in many ways across different website pages. Horizontal top/bottom sticky ads usually perform well on mobile devices. Vertical left/right ones are best suited for larger desktop screens. When well-implemented these ads get noticed by the users without being overly intrusive, through higher viewability and dwell time, impressions convert directly into better CPMs.

Combined with our Smart React solution for optimal results

Overcome the limitations of always-in-view website inventory with our smart ad refresh solution, which follows user activity and engagement. Our sticky units come pre-packaged with Smart React, so publishers can increase the amount of high-quality website inventory seamlessly, while still delivering exceptional value to advertisers.

Smart React