Sticky Ads

Sticky ads

Inventory with a facelift

Ad Layout Optimization

Sticky ads deliver super high user engagement and viewability, which makes them the top performers of any monetization setup across the board. With little to no impact to UX, they are an essential part of the publisher toolkit for revenue growth.

Higher CPM than ATF units

Product highlights

Customizable and tailored to your site’s design.

Extremely high viewability rates.

High quality inventory that drives premium advertiser engagement.

Available for Desktop, Mobile and AMP.

Easy to implement and maintain.


Sticky 160x600

Sizes: 160×600, 300×600

Devices: Desktop, Tablet


Sticky ads adhesive

Sizes: 728×90

Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Side Scroll

Sticks ads 300x250

Sizes: 300×250, 300×600, 160×600

Devices: Desktop, Tablet

Combined with our Smart React solution for optimal results

Overcome the limitations of always-in-view inventory with our smart ad refresh solution, that follows user activity and engagement. Our sticky units come pre-packaged with Smart React, so you can increase the amount of high-quality inventory seamlessly, while still delivering exceptional value to advertisers.

Sticky Smart React