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What is PubGalaxy Premium?

PubGalaxy Premium is a managed service offering, which allows you to focus on creating amazing website content and growing your audience, while we take care of all your advertising needs. An entire team of PubGalaxy professionals will become an extension of your own team, dedicated to improving performance and growing your returns through all available revenue sources. You will still remain in full control of your monetization strategy, but it will be PubGalaxy handling all the cumbersome details.

Yield Management

Your Own Team of Specialists

We’ll act as your extended AdOps, BizDev and Yield management teams, taking care of micromanagement. Your single point of contact will follow up on all your requests.
Premium Demand

Integration & Tech Support

With our fully managed service we can do absolutely everything on your backend. Our in-house Dev team will provide full technical assistance on website monetization issues.

Revenue Uplift

More Advertising Demand

Premium Partnership will grant you access to additional revenue streams right from the start.
Account Support

Keep Direct Relationships That Matter

We will transparently manage existing relationships with direct advertisers/partners on your behalf.

Pageload Control

Additional Ad Formats

Premium Partnership will grant you access to a wide variety of additional monetization opportunities outside of standard display, which lead to 25% increase in overall revenue on average.
Unified Reporting

Retain Control Over Your Monetization Strategy

You have the final say on all strategic monetization decisions. Our job is to provide expertise and deliver results.

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“PubGalaxy has aided us in monetizing, maximizing our revenue and streamlining a number of processes. With great performance and excellent support, PubGalaxy is highly recommended.”

Connie Lin, Fotor Fotor

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Featured Publishers

We represent a portfolio of premium publishers across multiple verticals, and reach an audience across desktop and mobile platforms. Our rapidly growing portfolio currently represents publishers from Tech, Entertainment, Music, Automotive, and other verticals.





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All of this goes hand in hand with substantial revenue uplift.
On average, our premium partners see an increase of 20% to 45%.

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