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Header Bidding Technology
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Header Bidding technology reinvents the way publishers sell their inventory, allowing them to host simultaneous auctions for each impression and receive all advertisers bids at the same time. Sounds great, but in reality the implementation process may require substantial ad ops and dev resources, while achieving substantial revenue uptake depends heavily on the dedicated yield team.

What is Header Bidding?

Header Bidding Explained

We know that you don’t need yet another technology that will make your life more complicated, so we made Header Bidding simple for you. With PubGalaxy, you can enjoy the benefits of the latest ad technology without the complications. We will take care of any setup changes and updates, as well as day-to-day troubleshooting.

Revenue Uplift

Revenue Uplift

Publishers using our proprietary header bidding technology see a substantial revenue uplift of 15%-40%
Unified Reporting

Unified Reporting

You will be able to track results through a single powerful interface, which provides detailed performance breakdowns by geo, device, ad unit, etc.
Premium Demand

Premium Demand

Our one-stop shop solution combines the infrastructure and demand which publishers need to fully leverage header bidding, and maximize their earnings.
Yield Management

Yield Management

Our proprietary optimization engine gives us insights about the bidding landscape, based on compound multi-sourced data and our yield team would constantly optimize your header bidding setup to achieve the best results.
Pageload Control

Pageload Control

With PubGalaxy Header Bidding technology you don’t have to worry about latency of the page load times of your property. We can simply agree on pre-defined timeout period.
Account Support

Account Support

With PubGalaxy, you get the complete “no-hassle” header bidding experience. We will take care of any setup changes or updates, manage day-to-day troubleshooting and constantly analyze the performance of your property to implement any possible yield optimizations.


"PubGalaxy has demonstrated time and time again that they are able to produce results. Because of this, they not only gained my trust, but also became my tier one provider, earning first shot at all of our impressions."

David Bott, Founder of TiVoCommunity & DBSTalk  DBST TIVO & DBST TIVO

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Why you should choose PubGalaxy:

Premium Demand

Multiple Demand Sources on 1 Platform

Access to the entire RTB ecosystem through one single platform. We have hand-picked the most valuable assets from the entire programmatic environment and placed them in competition with traditional demand, thus ensuring extremely strong and sustainable performance.
Brand safety

Brand Safety

We apply human monitoring on top of all industry standard technologies, to ensure that only consistently-effective and relevant advertisements are served, thus engaging your visitors.
Custom Approach For Each Publisher

Custom Approach For Each Publisher

We know how unique each web property is, therefore we don’t just plug you into the endless pool of programmatic trading. We sustain permanent human monitoring of your account performance and optimizations never end.


  • "We started working with PubGalaxy in early 2014 and have remained impressed at the rates, campaigns and timely payments, not to mention the excellent delivery of ads that don't impact page content. We also enjoy quick support turnarounds, so much so that we have not looked elsewhere to satisfy our remnant needs..."

    Steve Parker  Neowin
  • "PubGalaxy has aided us in monetizing, maximizing our revenue and streamlining a number of processes. With great performance and excellent support, PubGalaxy is highly recommended."

    Connie Lin  TechSpot
  • "We have been a publisher with PubGalaxy since 2013, and the partnership has helped SpeedGuide monetize our ad inventory much more efficiently than just using Google AdSense and competing ad networks. Implementation was easy and seamless, and performance has been very good..."

    Philip Filipov  SpeedGuide

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Supported Ad Formats

  • IAB Standard display and mobile sizes (728x90, 300x250, 160x600, 320x50)
  • High impact ad units (Rising Stars, Light Box)

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