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A fresh approach in online advertising, focused on maximizing the value of your website users.

PubGalaxy Smart React is a robust combination of event- and time-based auto ad-reloading technology, which takes viewability and user interaction into account.

Smart React Lite is a technology, developed to increase your website inventory value, improve viewability and create fresh revenue stream.

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Publishers see up to 40% revenue increase

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Having the right demand for your audience is crucial to achieving optimal results. Here are just a few of the valuable partnerships that we’ve built over the years.

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*Terms & Conditions apply

  1. Smart React Lite Technology is designed to function with DoubleClick For Publishers as an Ad Server, in order to work on its full potential and add value to your business;
  2. Hard-coding of the technology tag might be required, due to Ad Server limitations (no DoubleClick For Publishers);
  3. If your website is suitable, the PubGalaxy team will contact You to discuss details and explore further monetization opportunities;

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