Smart React

Auto Refresh Done Smarter.

Smart React | New generation auto refresh technology

Multiply your inventory the right way.

Smart React is a new generation of auto refresh technology.  A completely in-house built monetization solution, which allows you to utilize ad refreshing, while maintaining a great user experience. Smart React combines engagement, viewability and time-based triggers to reload individual ad spots at the right moment, keeping your inventory value and latency intact.

Smart React | Ad Refresh Technology

Smart React Lite

Same tool, your own demand.

If you like Smart React but you’re not yet ready for a full commitment, we have just the thing for you. Enter, Smart React Lite! You keep your own partner stack on first look and when an ad refresh initiates, we fill the incremental inventory with our own demand. It’s easy to install, so you can start earning more today!

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Same traffic, more revenue

Pure incremental revenue, driving a stable performance increase for each ad spot.

Smart 3-in-1 Solution

Increase impressions, improve viewability scores, and maintain high-quality demand.

Great User Experience

Minimize browser impact and page loading by only reloading viewable ads.

How Smart React Works

Smart React is still a piece of auto ad refresh technology. However, it also tracks when users are engaging with a page and when your ads are in view. To put it simply, if at least 51% of an ad’s pixels are in view for more than 30 seconds, and the user is active, a new ad is injected into the same container.  This allows you to multiply your inventory, while making sure that you’re not diminishing the value of any impressions. No more added latency and broken viewability rates, just incremental revenue.

51%+ of the ad needs to be in view.

An optimal refresh interval of 30 seconds.

Tracks and reacts to user engagement

Smart React | New Generation Ad Refresh Technology | Monetization for Publishers

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