Ad Revenue Optimization

Ad Revenue Optimization

Created by Publishers, for Publishers

Created by Publishers, for Publishers

Increase your ad revenue by up to 100%, with an average of 40% uplift

Connect with world-class advertisers and tap into high quality campaigns

No more ad ops distractions, just focus on growing your audience

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Explore platform features
Explore Platform Features

CPM/CPC Optimization

We help you maximize bid values for every impression by combining human expertise, industry-leading auction management tactics and sophisticated advertising technology. 

Targeted optimizations based on devices and traffic locations

Dynamic pricing rules via our proprietary optimization engine

Regular trend-based and seasonal optimizations

A/B testing performance levers such as demand stack configuration and geotargeting

Ad layout optimization *

* Feature only available for users of the ‘Premium’ product

Auction Technology

Take advantage of the latest real time bidding technologies and ensure maximum competition for your inventory. Our platform supports all contemporary integration types, so that you’re always up to date with the best the programmatic world has to offer.

Google Ad Manager (including Google Ad Exchange)

Open Bidding (Exchange Bidding or EBDA)

Prebid Header Bidding (Client-side)

Prebid Server-To-Server Header Bidding

Amazon TAM & Amazon UAM

Ad Serving Technology

Our platform supports a wide range of display features such as multi-size biddng, lazy loading, device recognition and infinite scroll. In addition, we offer custom-build proprietary Ad Tech, which can take your ad earnings to the next level. 

Sticky Ads – Opt-in to make any standard display ad stick to the user’s screen, maximizing visibility and dramatically improving CPM rates

Smart React – dynamic ad refreshing, which takes time, engagement and screen time to reload ads without interfering with user experience.

Smart View – Automatic ad injection tool, which creates new inventory as the user browses through a page, maximizing viewability and utilizing dormant empty space.*

Ad Block Recovery – Detect and monetize ad blocked traffic through whitelisted SSPs and pre-approved, user-friendly ads.*

* Feature only available for users of the ‘Premium’ product

Ad Quality Protection

Deliver a smooth, uninterrupted user experience to your audience with the most advanced ad filtration system on the market. Our platform uses the latest scanning technology to detect fraud, malware and inappropriate ads, keeping you protected at all times.

Real-time scanning and ad filtering

Pre-built blocklists based on website profile

24/7 ticketing system for reporting unwanted ads*

* Feature only available for users of the ‘Premium’ product

All-in-one Reporting

Bring all your data in one place and get detailed insights about your business through your own publisher dashboard. You can track performance, monitor daily updates and even build your own reports, so that you’re always up to date with your results.  

Granular analytics down to an ad unit level

Fully customizable reports

Configurable home hub with a wide range of pre-built widgets

Additional Data Studio reports, combining traffic and performance data*

* Feature only available for users of the ‘Premium’ product

Explore Ad Gallery

Explore Ad Gallery

Trusted by 300+ publishers worldwide

Trusted by 300+ Publishers Worlwide
Tim Mueller

Pubgalaxy is very knowledgable in the programmatic ad space and is the ideal partner for a publisher like Dealnews to manage our programmatic advertising. With our previous agency, we were not seeing revenue from our ad inventory increase and they did not have clear answers or a strategy for helping to make revenue increase. The Pubgalaxy team is upfront, organized, knowledgable and provides great service. They have helped increase our programmatic ad revenue by several percentage points.


Our PubGalaxy team has proven to be knowledgeable, responsive and supportive. The team has demonstrated success by being attentive, listening to and meeting our challenges. If you are looking to build a long term partnership, we can’t recommend PubGalaxy enough.

Ranjit Bhatta

Before using PubGalaxy, we used to spend a lot of time on ad monetization. PubGalaxy has taken all the monetization process on their hands, allowing us to focus on what we do best — creating good content while generating much more revenue in the process. Moreover, if we encounter any ad related issues, we can always expect quick, reliable communication.

Pay as you earn

With our revenue share pricing model you don’t pay anything until you start making profits.

Getting started is free with no sign-up fees or hidden costs.

Select a package to get started

  • Starter
  • Minimum of 100,000 pageviews per month required
  • Access to premium SSPs
  • 15% Revenue share
  • Pre-built auction setups
  • Automated optimizations
  • Full reporting UI
  • Up to 10 ad tags + 5 AMP tags
  • Standard Display, Adhesive, Interstitials
  • Smart ad refreshing and Sticky Ads
  • Email support
  • Ad quality protection
  • Sign Up
  • Premium
  • Minimum of 500,000 pageviews per month required
  • Everything in 'Starter'
  • Personalized pricing
  • Access to direct deals and PMPs
  • Advanced manual optimizations
  • Additional Data Studio reports
  • Unlimited ad tags and setups
  • Full range of ad formats
  • Full range of tools and Ad Tech
  • Dedicated customer team
  • 24/7 emergency support
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