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We monetize Desktop, Mobile web and Video inventoryWe monetize Desktop, Mobile web and Video inventory

PubGalaxy offers monetization of inventory across various platforms, allowing publishers to monetize all of their web traffic - desktop, tablet and mobile.

We provide reach to multiple RTB sourcesWe provide reach to multiple RTB sources

With PubGalaxy, publishers reach the entire RTB ecosystem through one single platform, which creates an unique demand fusion.

We make multiple demand sources compete for a publisher’s inventoryWe make multiple demand sources compete for a publisher’s inventory

We put traditional static demand in competition with programmatic, thus extracting the best assets from both worlds. The result is consistently higher CPM rates for our publishers.

We tested multiple partners, but selected only a fewWe tested multiple partners, but selected only a few

PubGalaxy aggregates demand from numerous sources, and consistently adds and removes advertising partners, to ensure that only the best performers have access to our publishers’ inventory.

We utilize private marketplace opportunitiesWe utilize private marketplace opportunities

Our private marketplace grants premium publishers access to selected advertisers, who are willing to pay a higher price for selected, quality inventory.

We offer inventory monetization for site owners from multiple verticalsWe offer inventory monetization for site owners from multiple verticals

We are not limited to a certain vertical - we have proven to deliver superior results across all verticals, including Tech, Entertainment, and Business, among others.

We help publishers monetize inventory from any geo around the globeWe help publishers monetize inventory from any geo around the globe

PubGalaxy connects premium publishers with demand from thousands of advertisers across the globe.

Brand safetyBrand safety

We apply human monitoring on top of all industry standard technologies, to ensure that only consistently-effective and relevant advertisements are served, thus engaging your visitors.

Human optimizations make a differenceHuman optimizations make a difference

Having the right algorithms in place is not enough! We know that custom approach and human optimizations make a difference. That is why we combine years of experience with the latest capabilities of programmatic.

Custom approach for each publisherCustom approach for each publisher

We know how unique each web property is, therefore we don’t just plug you into the endless pool of programmatic trading. Our account managers will work closely with you, to optimize the setup that matches your business model best. We know how dynamic the environment is, so we sustain permanent human monitoring of your account performance, and optimizations never end. Thus, we ensure sustainable results and never stop searching for improvement.

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  • "We started working with PubGalaxy in early 2014 and have remained impressed at the rates, campaigns and timely payments, not to mention the excellent delivery of ads that don't impact page content. We also enjoy quick support turnarounds, so much so that we have not looked elsewhere to satisfy our remnant needs. In fact we decided to move all of our unsold impressions to PubGalaxy, as we are confident that it is all in safe hands"

    Steve Parker  Neowin
  • “PubGalaxy has helped us find revenue that didn’t exist before. Better reach through PubGalaxy means better monetization. Tracy is laser focused on our account and has been extremely beneficial to our success.”

    Brian Gilbert  What si my ip
  • “PubGalaxy has done an incredible job of filling our remnant ad space at a great CPM. Their service and delivery are among the best in the business.”

    Jeff Rojas  Relevant Magazine
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