Programmatic monetization solutions for publishers

The ultimate toolkit

Solutions developed to help you nail your programmatic monetization strategy and boost your ad revenue.

Yield optimization

Optimizing for maximum revenue is the backbone of any successful monetization strategy. Our experts utilize historical data and the latest technology, combined with their years of experience in the field to ensure you’re getting the most out of your inventory.
Monetization Solutions | Yield Optimization
Monetization Solutions | Demand Allocation

Demand allocation

Partnering with the right buyer platforms and nurturing those relationships can take years. With PubGalaxy you can gain access to all major marketplaces right away, while we allocate your inventory to the partners that are best for you. Our demand stack is always up-to-date, secure and efficient in performance.

Ad layout optimization

Proper ad placement can increase your profits, but also ensure unencumbered traffic growth for your web property. Over the years we’ve analyzed hundreds of websites and found the most effective methods of optimizing publishers’ ad layouts.
Ad Layout Optimization | Monetization Solutions
Monetization for Publishers | Header Bidding

Header Bidding

Drive more competition for your inventory with the latest programmatic auction model. Header bidding requests bids from all marketplaces simultaneously instead of sequentially, ensuring that you’re getting maximum value for each impression.

Smart React

Our proprietary monetization solution which allows you to utilize ad refreshing, while maintaining a great user experience. Smart React combines engagement, viewability and time-based triggers to reload individual ad spots at the right moment, keeping your inventory value and latency intact.
Monetization for Publishers | Smart React
Monetization for Publishers | Smart View

Smart View

Capitalize on the empty space of your website with this in-house built solution and monetize your long-form articles efficiently. Smart View allows you to inject ads dynamically as they fall in view, creating new inventory proportionately to user engagement.

Unified reporting

There’s certainly a lot to keep track of in the programmatic world. That’s why we bring everything together in the PubGalaxy dashboard, allowing you to keep track of your business without the hassle of multiple logins and comparing piles of spreadsheets. Our platform is fully customizable and contains all the features necessary for your daily business needs.
Monetization Solutions | Unified Reporting
Ad Quality | Monetization Solutions

Ad quality monitoring

In a perfect world all ads would be safe and of the highest quality, but the truth is that they’re not. That’s why our team of experts utilizes the latest scanning tools and manual vetting methods to ensure you’re only displaying safe, appropriate ads to your users.

Strategy and consulting

Programmatic monetization may be quite demanding as it is, but we take it one step further. We take a holistic approach to our clients’ business and aim to develop comprehensive monetization strategies for each one with their long-term success in mind.
Monetization Solutions | Strategy & Consulting

Custom Monetization Solutions

You created your website with a vision and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice that for the sake of advertising. That’s why we built our products and services with a large varietiy of page configurations in mind, such as multi-size, responsive, infinite scroll and AMP. We offer full integration support for WordPress users, while you can also request a review if you’d like to request onboarding assitance using a different CMS. Get in touch with us using the button below to have our team propose the best monetization strategy for you.