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Dynamic content & advertising

Ad Layout Optimization

Introduce highly engaging, contextual videos and display ads within the same environment. We offer powerful on-page video ad technology to complement your existing content and bring a stable source of incremental revenue to your website.

Ad Layout Optimization to boost your revenue

Product highlights

Connect your own content stream or utilize contextually served videos from a pre-built library.

Dynamically placed in between content, in a predefined position.

Can be placed in content, as a sticky unit, or both.

Available both on Desktop and Mobile web.

On-page video feed

Connect your own video stream or take advantage of a vast library of content suitable across any vertical. Partner videos can be injected in real time via semantic engine, pre-populated based on tags or you can build you own playlist manually.

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Video stream
Video Story

Content slideshow

Display a collection of your other posts or a video highlights reel in a story-like animated slideshow. Drives higher traffic retention as well as incremental revenue through video ads.

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