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What are the minimum requirements for a website to be monetized by PubGalaxy?

There are no hard requirements to work with us, however, each inquiry undegoes an evaluation process individually. We review a wide range of criteria to identify whether or not we can add value to your business and will let you know if you qualify. As a rough guideline, you can check if you match the following:

  1. Minimum Traffic – our advice is to generate at least 100,000 page views per month;
  2. Quality Content / Copyrights – You should pass the Google Transparency Report with less than 10 copyright claims in the last 6 months. Additionally, your content must not be stolen, automatically generated and be suitable for all audiences (e.g. no violence, nudity, gambling, banned substances and so on)
  3. Traffic sources – You should have an identifiable traffic acquisition track record for the last 6 months.

Can I monetize my blog if it's hosted on Blogger?

In order to help you with your monetization strategy, our advice is to own the domain/host of your web property. This enables you to control and easily manage your inventory, layout and structure, which is essential for maximizing your earnings. So, if your site is hosted on platforms such as Blogger.com, we won’t be able to suggest solutions for your digital publishing business.

What type of websites do you work with?

PubGalaxy’s solutions are designed to work seamlessly on websites from all verticals. In our portfolio, we have a large variety of niche sites, blogs, news sites, independent publishers, AdSense publishers, affiliate sites, and more. If you’d like you can simply share with us your site’s URL and we will get back to you with more details.

Can I monetize my video content?

PubGalaxy have developed on-page video ad solutions, that you can look at  here. As for Youtube, Vimeo, and similar video platforms’ content, unfortunately at this stage, we are unable to offer video monetization services for your online business.

How can I track my ad revenue?

Our Publisher Center allows you to gather all the information needed within few simple clicks. Through your PubGalaxy Publisher Profile, you will have access to granulated earnings reports as well as track payments.

How does PubGalaxy pay?

PubGalaxy offers a net 35-day and net 65-day schedule. The payment terms are defined, explained in detail, and approved by each and every one of our partners within their contract terms.

How does PubGalaxy charge for services?

PubGalaxy works on a revenue share model, where all financial terms and conditions are subject to contractual agreement, that will be presented for your approval.

What type of monetization solutions PubGalaxy offers?

PubGalaxy offers a wide range of solutions. Explore them in details here

Can I still monetize with PubGalaxy, if I am banned in Adsense/Google Ad Manager?

We have a history in helping publishers getting back on the right track after their Google AdSense account has been banned. Yet, there are certain situations, and we are unable to work towards recovery. Get in touch with our team, in order to get expert advice.

Can I run direct deals with PubGalaxy?

Yes. PubGalaxy offers access to high-paying direct & private marketplace deals as part of our premium package. You can also easily set up you own negotiated direct campaigns through our streamlined interface, so you’re not missing out on any opportunities.