Header Bidding: Why 70% of publishers prefer this advanced ad tech?

Header Bidding is what everyone has been talking about lately and for a good reason: the technology allows publishers to achieve true competition between multiple demand sources, resulting in skyrocketing revenues. Let’s find out how it works.

What is Header Bidding?

The advanced ad tech allows publishers to sell their inventory in an entirely new way: the auction happens simultaneously on multiple platforms and all advertiser bids are received even before contacting the ad server. This increases competition for each ad impression and ultimately leads to higher yield. To get a better understanding of what header bidding does, let’s compare a standard DFP setup, with dynamic allocation enabled, to a header bidding setup. The two scenarios are depicted in the visuals below. 

It’s quite obvious which setup will bring higher revenue for your ad inventory, isn’t it?

Header bidding equals higher transparency, maximized yield and less passbacks. That explains why it is a preferred choice of nearly 70% of the top publishers in the US, as reported by the Business Insider.

What about latency?

Many publishers are concerned about latency issues when we talk about header bidding. In the early days of the technology, numerous tags had to be placed in the page header in order to increase demand and this ultimately led to latency issues. However, a fix for this was quickly discovered with header wrappers. The ad tech provided by PubGalaxy allows for precise timeout control, which is set based on website specifics and publisher preferences. In this way we ensure that your revenue would be growing, without compromising user experience and page load times.

Take a look at our Solutions page to discover more advantages to using PubGalaxy’s header bidding.

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[…] you’ve read anything on the subject of Header Bidding you’re probably aware of the concept and its importance but it’s definitely worth mentioning it […]

[…] you’ve read anything on the subject of Header Bidding you’re probably aware of the concept and its importance. But it’s definitely worth mentioning […]

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