Top 12 SSPs For Publishers in 2022

Are you using an SSP? Do you know which are the best ones? SSPs can be valuable partners, especially if you find the one that best suits your needs as a publisher. While Google Ad Manager has dominated the field for a while, our article lists some of the other top SSPs that excel in the industry. Take a look at the companies below to learn more about their strengths and unique features.

SSP: a definition

SSP stands for Supply-Side Platform or Sell-Side Platform. It’s a solution that automates the sale of digital advertising space via real-time bidding. Aimed at publishers, it helps them monetize their inventory programmatically by exposing it to different demand sources. This may include demand partners such as ad exchanges, ad networks, and DSPs. By creating increased competition for the ad inventory and optimizing the setup, SSPs maximize publisher revenue. 

Top SSPs for publishers

Let us take a look at some of the best SSPs in the industry. Of course, no single solution can serve as a panacea and satisfaction depends on each publisher’s priorities and criteria. However, some companies have consistently ranked well and are worth exploring.

1. Magnite

Magnite (Rubicon Project + Telaria) is a large SSP that works with ad formats across all channels and premium demand. It offers Private Marketplaces (PMP), Programmatic Guaranteed (PG), and Auction Packages. Magnite’s goal is to provide publishers with transparency and expertise in the quest to maximize ad revenue.

2. Index Exchange

Index Exchange is an SSP that connects premium publishers with diverse global demand. It offers cross-channel monetization. They place an important focus on quality and safety, while also providing complete transparency and accountability through detailed analytics.

3. PubMatic

PubMatic provides an omnichannel SSP, together with cloud infrastructure. Their goal is to give publishers independence, excellent customer service, and superior monetization. The PubMatic SSP offers private marketplaces and header bidding, as well as built-in ad quality tools.

4. Xandr Monetize

Xandr Monetize, Xandr’s sell-side platform for publishers, provides differentiated demand at a large scale. They focus on a holistic approach, where a tailored monetization strategy is combined with data-driven yield optimization. Xandr offers Prebid-powered header bidding, deals, an ad server, and more.

5. OpenX

OpenX offers an SSP, ad exchange, and ad server. By working at scale and relying on stable relationships with brands and demand partners, OpenX aims to deliver diverse demand. Their product features custom SPO (Supply Path Optimization), dedicated account management, and more. 

6. Criteo

Criteo is an omnichannel platform with a strong history in retargeting. It’s focused on improving the use of data and AI to help brands and media owners. Their SSP gives clients access to various demand including Criteo’s DSP. The company’s First-Party Media Network helps publishers share, enhance, and activate their first-party data. Criteo also offers a Direct Bidder for publishers.

7. Improve Digital

Improve Digital by Azerion helps publishers via Origin, their holistic monetization platform. The solution aims to deliver long-term growth through premium demand, private & curated marketplaces, and local expert support. Origin provides various integration options and transparent reporting with customizable features.

8. Sovrn

Sovrn provides different products and services to help publishers earn more. Their technology offers header bidding, server-to-server bidding, and waterfall advertising. They also provide a dedicated support team, comprehensive reporting, and easy setup. From professionals to beginners, publishers from all backgrounds can find the optimal solution to improve their ad monetization.

9. Yahoo SSP

The Yahoo Ad Tech SSP combines demand from ad exchanges, top advertisers, and their DSP into a streamlined ad stack. With unified reporting, it enables publishers to analyze performance and make informed decisions. Yahoo’s SSP offers header bidding, guaranteed campaigns, etc.

10. Adform

Adform has a multichannel SSP as part of their Integrated Advertising Platform for Publishers. With Adform’s platform, publishers can reach leading demand in a safe way. It provides them with full control and detailed reporting with actionable insights. The technology supports integration with the leading header bidding solutions, as well as DMPs.

11. Sharethrough

Sharethrough’s SSP brings human-centric technology to programmatic advertising. It’s focused on premium demand, enhanced PMPs, and smart optimization. Publishers can benefit from the company’s SmartSuite technology to automatically perform optimizations and maximize yield. Sharethrough is integrated with most major header wrappers.

12. Teads

Teads for Publishers seeks to deliver a respectful ad experience to users. Initially working with publishers and advertisers on video advertising, the company has since expanded into a multi-format solution. Their product focuses on unique demand, as opposed to third-party demand. Real-time reporting and various optimization tools help publishers optimize their monetization quickly and easily.

Wrap up

SSPs are there to alleviate the pressure that ad monetization efforts put on publishers. They can bring more high-quality demand to the table and contribute new, advanced technology. What’s more, they can create a real difference in terms of ad ops and yield management. We hope our best SSP shortlist will help you select the most reliable and efficient partner.