The Publisher’s Two Hats Challenge: ✅ Solved

If this is the first time you hear about the Publisher’s Two Hats Challenge, then you’d better check out our previous blog post here. This article is all about how we solve this challenge and why you don’t need to wear both ‘hats’ anymore.

At PubGalaxy, we believe in specialization. We have teams with expert skills in certain fields and when working together these teams achieve great monetization results. To be more specific, the property of each of our publishers is taken care of by AdOps, Technical Support, Yield Optimization, Ad Quality and Demand experts. Yes, these functions are separate at PubGalaxy. The needs of the publisher are coordinated with the respective team member by the dedicated account manager, while our Product team looks into new and emerging ad formats that can generate incremental revenue for your property.

This verticalization makes us more efficient, and more importantly, it translates into GREAT results. On average, our Premium publishers saw 10% increase in RPM for the past year, but we’ve seen revenue increase as much as 70% YoY! Check out the case study of NoticiasAutomotivas here.

Through specialization, we are able to improve each and every aspect of monetization and bring more value to our publishers. We believe that the Publisher’s Two Hats Challenge will be solved when you specialize in the content creator ‘hat’, while we take of the monetization ‘hat’ for You.

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