Five Ad Platforms For Unlocking New Streams Of Revenue

It is quite common for online publishers to monetize their website through the standard MPU (300×250), Leaderboard (728×90), Skyscraper (160×600) type of ad formats. But what do you do when you’ve achieved a maximum fill rate and fully optimized your CPM? Luckily, not all is lost. In this article, you will find five ad platforms that you can implement in your site, that can help you unlock new streams of ad revenue.


Started in 2011, ADYOULIKE is a native advertising Supply Side Platform (SSP) that combines artificial intelligence and semantic targeting to power better ad experiences. They specialize in native in-feed advertising, ads that have the same look and feel as the feed of a site and it’s content. They leverage their AI by displaying relatable ad campaigns based on the context of the page. 


Founded in 2007, Taboola is a native discovery platform that brings a scrolling news feed experience to your site. They help people find relevant content online, matching them with news stories, articles, blogs, videos, apps, products, and other content they’re likely to want to explore. They do this by using machine-learning algorithms that analyze hundreds of signals, to capture exactly what kind of content is most likely to engage each individual. 


GumGum is an artificial intelligence company with deep expertise in computer vision and natural language processing. Since 2008, the company has applied its patented capabilities to serving media-related industries, including advertising and professional sports. Operating as an SSP for direct and programmatic ad spend, they offer In-image ads, which through the power of image recognition, can call relatable ad campaigns in the form of overlays that run on top of editorial photos and graphics. They also offer video and in-screen ad formats.


Founded in 2014, MOBKOI pride themselves through quality creatives and ‘polite ad placements’. Distancing themselves away from the programmatic trend, MOBKOI offers direct brand deals to mobile-web in the form of full-screen, interscroller display. Through their in-house studio, they customize ad campaigns and work with publishers to have ads appear seamlessly in the heart of premium editorial content. 


Inskin Media, launched in 2019, specializes in multi-screen, rich-media display advertising. They provide websites three different Pageskin styles and support direct and programmatic bookings, offering campaign relevance with contextual and data-driven targeting. These are a type of advertisement that sits in the background border of a webpage to give articles a sponsored like feel. Within the pageskin, they also offer video ad campaigns to deliver a stronger and clearer brand messaging. 
And there you have it. Five Ad networks that can earn you new ad revenue on top of your already existing ad formats. The number of ads that you place on your website will very well depend on how your website’s user interface looks. With a bit of creativity, however, you may be able to benefit from all five. To learn more, I highly recommend speaking with the monetization specialists within these companies (and companies of similar offerings) to understand more about what they can provide you from a revenue and user experience perspective.