21 Feb: Digital Advertising Terminology for Beginners. What is CPM, Fill rate, Ad request?

website monetization terms and phrases

If you’re in the online content business whether it be a website publication, video or mobile app, you’ve probably already had a taste of programmatic monetization. Digital advertising has a lot to offer, however, things can get quite daunting the more you get into the finer details of the industry. So, in this piece, we’ll be deciphering acronyms and buzzwords like CPM, impressions, ad requests, etc. to help you understand the basics of ad monetization so that you can take the next step in making money through web publishing.

20 Feb: Native Ads: Highlights for digital publishers

Native Advertising

If you’re an avid publisher,  chances are you’re already familiar with native advertising and its intricacies. That said, today native is as relevant as ever, so it’s definitely worth reconsidering in case you haven’t explored the ad format yet. Let’s have a quick reminder of the basics and summarize the benefits of adopting native ads into your monetization strategy.

11 Feb: Essential WordPress Plugins for Webmasters

Top Wordpress plugins for publishers

WordPress is without a doubt the most popular content management system today, dominating the CMS world.  “WordPress is used by 62.4% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 35.7% of all websites.”  In a nutshell, it’s the preferred platform for webmasters around the globe for its ease-of-use features as well as it’s versatility. It gives website admins the ability to manage content efficiently, while at the same time maintain full control of their backend and make customizations at will.

22 Jan: Google Chrome and The End of Third-Party Cookies

Chome 80 third-party cookies

Last week Google announced that it will be shutting down third-party cookies on its popular web browser – Chrome. By 2022, the tech giant’s largest targeted advertising technology will be gone for good. Google’s decision intends to encourage publishers, advertising companies and other browser providers to help Google create a new set of privacy-focused web standards.  This move definitely shook the advertising world and the first step towards the new status quo is already in sight. Google has announced that it will limit cross-site tracking in their browser by default, starting in February 2020 with the release of Chrome 80.

06 Jan: SEO Tips for Publishers – Content and Links 

SEO Tips for Publishers

Nowadays, publishers understand that SEO matters, as they are competing for higher ranking, audience and web traffic. Even more so, as their monetization strategy is heavily depending on both, their traffic and user engagement. It’s а well-known fact that to rank high and to ensure great visibility of your website and web pages, you need to be flexible, creative and well-informed about SEO.  We will take a closer look at two of the main ranking factors and what publishers need to know about them. We’ll try to summarise and provide you with actionable SEO insights in regards to content and link management. So, let’s jump into it.

23 Nov: Google Algorithm Updates’ impact on the digital publisher

Google Algorithm Updates

In the last few months, Google has released several algorithm updates and we are reading a lot on the topic lately. Most of us are trying to figure out how it will affect our day-to-day work. What its reflection will be on the digital advertising industry and mainly, how it will impact publishers and their website traffic, consequentially their revenue.  Well, don’t worry, it is not as crazy as it looks. We will try to summarize and simplify it in the next few paragraphs. 

08 Nov: Website Monetization First Steps

First steps in website monetization

Today we’re here to explore the journey to website monetization, which properties are eligible and where to begin.  If you’re already partnering with PubGalaxy or running your own monetization setup, this article won’t be of much use to you. But if you’re just starting out in the digital publishing business and you’d like to start monetizing your website – you’ve come to the right place.