The Strategy Behind Ad Space Monetization

Are you struggling with the Publisher’s Two Hats Challenge? Our strategist is here to help.

All PubGalaxy publishers get access to a customer team, including a dedicated strategist who is focusing on additional monetization opportunities, knowledge of ad formats, viewability, and the industry to be able to provide best practice and advice, catering to the specific audience and publisher needs.

Today, we introduce Boris Shterev, PubGalaxy’s Customer Success Strategist.

Boris-Shterev-StrategistQ: Hi, Boris. How would you describe your work with Premium publishers?

B: Every time we onboard a Premium publisher it’s like starting a whole new project. Each client has a different vision for their business and even with sites that are seemingly alike the story is never the same. It’s important to take the publishers’ uniqueness into account and help them grow in their own way, instead of simply providing rehearsed solutions, even though we have certain limitations enforced by the industry, which makes it challenging to strike a balance at times.

Nevertheless, the goal has always been to set our clients up with a solid foundation and maximize their odds for success, so easy fixes are never an option. That said, creating custom-tailored strategies often requires a good amount of creativity and teamwork, so there’s never a dull moment here in PubGalaxy.

Q: How do you make the call if something is a good fit for a certain publisher?

B: We’ve worked with a large number of publishers in diverse fields and each one of them has provided us with valuable experience, which we can leverage in our decision-making process. The industry, however, is so dynamic, that it’s certainly not unusual to find yourself in uncharted waters. In that regard, I’d say that a good strategy needs to involve a fair bit of experimentation.

Working with data is only one side of the monetization process, the other is to identify trends early and conduct controlled tests to see how the market reacts to them in order to stay ahead of the curve. This is the methodology we’ve adopted over the years and executing it wouldn’t have been possible if not for our close relationship with the publishers.

Thanks to our Account Managers, who keep all of us connected, we’re able to get a much better understanding of our client’s needs and expectations. Once you have that synergy, making such decisions becomes a much smoother process.

Q: What’s trending as a topic with publishers right now?

B: Running successful advertising campaigns has always had one main objective at its core and that’s capturing the users’ attention. Audiences evolve, the way they interact with ads changes over time and companies need to adapt, which is one of the main reasons for the birth of certain trends.

If I had to pick a couple, I’d say that right now the primary ‘hot’ topics in the ad tech industry are viewability and user experience, and it would seem that we’re about to see an even stronger emphasis on those in the near future, with some major changes happening in that direction this year. Aside from that, it’s also difficult to ignore certain initiatives such as Ads.txt and GDPR, which are gaining a lot of attention in the community and are subject to a certain amount of controversy.

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