Introducing The Publisher’s Two Hats Challenge

Does your work week look something like this? 

  • image-publisher-shivaWorking on content strategy and planning
  • Meetings/calls with new potential partners for your inventory 
  • Trying to comprehend reports from multiple providers  
  • Figuring out which provider you had an ad quality issue with and then trying to solve it 
  • Making sure your ad tags are implemented correctly 
  • Trying to figure out why a certain provider stopped running ads on your site 
  • Reading on that new ad format that could potentially drive your revenue up 
  • Trying to find new ways to engage with your audience and keep them coming back 

You could probably add another 10 tasks to the list.  We call this the publisher Two Hats Challenge.  

image-publisher-two-hatsAs a publisher, you wear the content-creator ‘hat’ of your passion – crafting your website around that very favorite topic of yours. But to keep it going, you also need to wear a second ‘hat’ – that of the monetization expert who takes care of maximizing yield from your quality inventory. Thus, you have multiple responsibilities and are facing various challenges daily.  

At PubGalaxy, we specialize in taking the load of the monetization ‘hat’ off your shoulders. Our mission is to help content creators with their monetization needs so they can focus on their passion and on their core competence – crafting amazing content and growing their audience. This specialization creates added value that wouldn’t be possible otherwise – check out what it means to David Bott, founder of numerous community websites, in his video testimonial here.

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