Watch These Publishers Success Stories ⏩

It’s World Publisher Day today!

Just joking.

But we might as well call it the PubGalaxy Publishers Day as we are putting our Premium publishers in the spotlight! Watch their videos below:

“One of the best choices I’ve ever made, because now I’m free to let them deal with it. If I have an issue, I write one person. I don’t have to try to figure out which ad network it was and they look into it and take care of it.”

David Bott, Founder of AVSForum, DBSTalk, and TiVoCommunity

“The best thing is I don’t have to focus on that stuff, I can kind of manage that and I can sit back and focus on running the website itself, and worry about my writers and the content.”

Scott Webster, Founder & Editor-In-Chief of

Watch more videos here.

Are you more interested in the numbers? Yes, we agree. Numbers speak louder sometimes, so take a look at these case studies:                                                

NoticiasAutomotivas case study: 57% increase in RPM
Fotor case study:  59% revenue increase







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