Publisher Satisfaction Survey: 100% of our publishers are happy with their account manager!

Results from our latest satisfaction survey are out and we are excited to share the news! And the kudos go to our brilliant account managers! 100% of the publishers said that they were either very or extremely satisfied with their service! None of the responses were neutral or negative and here are a few quotes from the kind feedback they received in this survey:

We appreciate this feedback highly and promise to continue our strive for going beyond your expectations in our service!

Now, moving on to the rest of the numbers. On average, satisfaction rates with our performance, service turnaround time and reliability increased by 6% for the publishers who participated in both our 3- and 6-month surveys. For the user interface of our dashboard,  the increase rate is even higher – over 11%! We are happy to see that the recently introduced more detailed and customizable reports are meeting the needs of the publishers.

In only 3 months, not only have we seen an increase of over 11% in the publishers’ rate for PubGalaxy compared to the rest of their partners, but to over 80% of them we are a better choice and are likely to recommend us. Additionally, the service and technical turnaround time satisfaction remains stable at 85% and so does the ad quality – at 89%. However, as this is one of our main priorities, we aim even higher and will continue our constant efforts for maintaining the highest industry standards.

Once again, we would like to thank all the publishers who participated in our survey! We will continue our strive for excellence in the products and services we provide.

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