Publisher Satisfaction Survey: 97% Will Recommend PubGalaxy

Feedback is the breakfast of champions, they say, and here, at PubGalaxy, we never skip the most important meal of the day. We believe in continuous improvement and constantly seek new and better ways to provide publishers with the best solution for their specific needs. That’s why we regularly ask for feedback and today we have the results from our latest publisher satisfaction survey.

We are happy to report that 97% of our publishers say that they are likely to recommend PubGalaxy to others. 82% from the respondents are happy with PubGalaxy’s performance and 72% go so far as to rate PubGalaxy higher than the rest of the partners they have worked with.

We are very proud of our account managers, as 85% of the respondents in the survey were either extremely or very happy with the service provided by their account manager, as well as with the service turnaround time.

Nowadays, brand safety is of utmost importance, so we also asked our publishers if they were satisfied with the quality of the ads served on their sites through PubGalaxy. We were happy to see that over 92% gave us the “thumbs up”.

We love reports and apparently so do our publishers, 87% of whom appreciate our user interface and all of its functionalities.

We would like to thank once again all the publishers who took the time to send us their feedback as we always try to find new ways to improve our products and services.