Maximize Your Ad Revenue With Quality Demand

When was the last time your demand partner called You?

Or is it always You who have to chase them?

How would you like to get this time back and use it for other stuff, stuff that you are excited about, such as creating that amazing content of yours?

That’s what we call the Publisher’s Two Hats Challenge. And it happens to be PubGalaxy’s mission to help you with those monetization needs and responsibilities. We have a dedicated team that builds and manages lasting relationships with multiple demand partners for you, so you get the time to focus on your core competence.

We, at PubGalaxy, do not provide just one piece of technology. Our demand-agnostic solution takes the best of each platform and offers You an integrated service, customized to maximize Your revenue.

Dealing with demand partners is just a part of your monetization needs and PubGalaxy is here to take this load completely off your shoulders through our expertise, experience and proprietary technology.

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