PubGalaxy Q&A Series: Justyn Lucas

Recently, PubGalaxy was named one of the fastest growing tech companies in Central Europe by Deloitte. To help further this growth in our dynamic industry, we have recruited a few new key members of our team. Today, we present to you Justyn Lucas – Global Head of Demand for PubGalaxy, based in our new UK office. Justyn has a vast experience in digital media and the ad tech industry, managing teams for companies such as OpenX, TRUSTe, Appcoach, and Yodel Mobile. His expertise spans from mobile, data and technology advertising practices to media strategy and programmatic.

What do you think are the biggest challenges in ad tech?

Advertiser trust and advertiser confidence are two of the biggest challenges facing the ad tech space at the moment. Current moves towards trading transparency, brand safety, and fraud detection improvements are a positive step in the right direction for the industry and these moves will help to convince a lot of advertisers. However, the complexity of the industry and the fast pace of change leaves little time for advertisers and marketers to understand and gain more confidence and, as an industry, we need to constantly strive to demystify complexities for buyers and sellers alike.

What drives you in your work?

Challenging myself and learning new skills are the two most important factors to me. If I ever get into a position where things become easy or “comfortable” I get bored very quickly. Throughout my career, I have constantly pushed myself and have always been eager to learn new things and challenge myself. This has enriched my business knowledge and enabled me to gain a deep understanding across offline, digital, mobile, and programmatic media channels whilst building success and delivering strong job satisfaction.

Why did you choose PubGalaxy as the place to continue your career development?
I am especially excited to be joining PubGalaxy at this stage of their continued growth. I enjoy leading and contributing to rapid growth companies looking for acceleration, strategy, and leadership. I’ve previously worked as launch commercial leader in 3 fast-growth start-ups and this knowledge along with my previous buy-side and sell-side experience will enable PubGalaxy to achieve our current goals as PubGalaxy’s product strategy offering are ideally suited to handle all publisher challenges & demand partner needs.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career to date?

To fully listen and understand your customers’ needs and challenges in order to exceed their expectations. Only by getting to know your client’s pain points, you can truly be able to offer them a value-adding solution that fulfills their needs.

What do you want PubGalaxy to accomplish in the next year?

In the advertising industry, advertisers, buyers, and publishers are constantly inundated with fresh ideas and new thinking, so it is important for PubGalaxy to correctly articulate ourselves in the marketplace and show our unique value within it.

Our mission is simple, to represent high-quality publishers and achieve the maximum advertising revenues through programmatic sources. Our value to the demand buy-side is also clear – to offer premium and exclusive traffic supply across a range of digital formats.

Tell us a little bit about the person behind the professional.

I am a very proud and dedicated father to 3 amazing kids. Most of my spare time is taken up enjoying their sports and hobbies and running them around! I also enjoy traveling, football and motor racing. I am also an accomplished scuba dive-leader and can’t wait until my kids are able to scuba dive and share some of their experiences and travels with me.