Better Way to Improve Your Website

Thanks to the evolution of technology, the main stage for business and entertainment has moved from the physical to the digital world, with shows, events, and acts being viewed every day on virtual platforms such as Youtube and Twitch, books and newspapers have been left behind and now ebooks, blogs, and digital news outlets rule the written information kingdom. It’s no surprise then, that one of the most important means of commerce and publicity are web pages. Online selling, news pages, social networks, streaming platforms, all of this, and many more kinds of digital information sites are the modern bazaars, cinemas, and malls. Today dear readers we will talk about this digital gadget, and all the information necessary to create and manage an effective web page.

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Better Ways to Improve your Website

Before we get into the topic at hand, it’s important to clarify some technical terms that we have to take into account when we want to co-create and manage a digital domain:

Web Page

A web page is a digital domain that is owned by an individual or corporation and is managed and used for a definite purpose, such as entertainment (Youtube), social interaction (Facebook), online commerce (Amazon), information sharing (Wikipedia), etc. Web pages make up the core of what the internet is and are currently one of the most successful means of achieving commercial or social success, albeit requiring lots of work and technical knowledge.


The soul behind web pages, successful programming requires extensive knowledge and practice of programming languages and codes. Programmers are the designers of web pages, giving them all the options, editing and adding effects, and changing the appearance of the page on a whim. A good programmer is essential to create an excellent and interesting web page.

Having clarified things a little bit, let’s now talk about what we can do to¬†improve our website.

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Do’s and Don’ts for web page administration

The most important thing to improve our website is to check the market that we are interested in, this is one of the most important things if we want to better improve our sites, after that we can check the relevant words or better words that customers searching for (keywords), next we will present some of the most important parameters:

Choose a Focus

One of the most basic steps, yet many people try to bite more than they can chew and create web pages with many different focuses, at the end creating a chaotic site which is hard to navigate, making it less popular. Before you begin to ask yourself, what is the main purpose of my website? Is it sales? information? social media? choose one and put all of your energy and resources on making it exceptional, having the latest news, the trendiest tendencies, the best buying and selling options, remember that a hunter remains focused on prey until they hunt it.

Don’t Overload Your Page

Sometimes we get carried away on our designs, we want to do hundreds of different little things and effects for our sites, and end up doing them, only for it to be criticized for being overload with too many details and options, remember that most of the time simple is better, and an overly designed site may be too overwhelming for web surfers, stick to the fundamentals and build your design idea around them.

Keep Ads Stable And Relevant

search engine marketingThe main source of revenue for most pages are ads, few sites derive their economy from other sources, and as such, it is important to filter and position publicity in a smart way, not so much that annoys surfers, yet not so little that ends up wasting more time and money than it generates. Youtube is a clear example of overwhelming ads, the streaming platform has drawn heavy criticism and many of its users have migrated to other streaming platforms such as Twitch, thanks to Youtube’s heavily ad-loaded videos, with some having as many as 10 ads.

Stay Up To Date

As mentioned before, we must stay relevant if we want to stay popular, and this principle remains even more true to web pages, report the latest news, keep up with the latest trends, offer the best in terms of quality and price balance, show the most popular videos available, offer new and exciting ways of connecting with other people, stay on top of the game to stay on the top of the internet.

Diversify Your Gates

A final piece of advice, you aim to reach as many people as you can, one way of doing it is making sure your site is available at any time, don’t stay on desktops only, give surfers the option of subscribing via email, make your site¬†mobile compatible, work to create an app for your site, give users as many gates as they need and then some.

Closing Words

Web sites can be an opportunity or a liability, it will depend entirely on our ability or organizing and designing everything to be as enticing as possible without going over the top, here’s to success in the digital world, cheers!