What Is Ads.txt And Why You Shouldn’t Delay Its Implementation

The IAB Tech Lab project Ads.txt is designed to increase transparency, fight ad fraud and create a better environment for all players in the industry. PubGalaxy is a strong supporter of the initiative, as brand safety is essential for publisher success and a key priority for us. This is why we decided to provide our partners with more information about Ads.txt and encourage you to join in.

What is Ads.txt?

Ads.txt (from Authorized Digital Sellers) is a way of listing all the partners that you have allowed to sell your inventory. In this way, you have greater control over who will end up buying your ad space. The chances for ad fraud in the ad supply chain are reduced, while advertisers’ trust is increasing.

How does it work?

  1. Create a crawlable document (a .txt file) and list all of the partners that you have authorized to sell your inventory. Name it ‘ads.txt’.
  2. Upload the document at the root level of your domain as a public file, so it’s discoverable by programmatic buyers.
  3. Programmatic buyers will verify that the inventory is coming from an approved source by creating a filter against your list of authorized sellers.

What’s in it for the publishers?

  • Access to a greater demand pool: as Ads.txt is being adopted across the industry, you risk losing demand partners if you don’t comply with their policies (Google being one of them).
  • Avoid demand being sent to sites that mimic your property and stop losing revenue to domain spoofing!
  • Increased value for your inventory / higher CPMs than similar properties that haven’t implemented it.