5 Tips for Publishers to Increase Their Video Ad Revenues

Long gone are the days when videos were solely used as a means of entertainment. Today, 8 out of 10 businesses understand the critical importance of videos as part of their marketing strategy. With more than half of consumers wishing for their favorite brands to publish more video content, it would be a shame for businesses not to take advantage of the trend. Unfortunately, there are plenty of obstacles they need to face, including the small fill rates or the matter of recurring video errors.

Today, we are going to discuss a few helpful ways of increasing your sometimes unpredictable video ad revenue, no matter what video platform you might be using.

Tip #1: Use Multiple Ad Networksvideo ad revenues

Lots of publishers make the mistake of using just one video ad network. This is not efficient because a single ad network is not capable of covering the ad inventory of an entire business. While you might think that you have hit the jackpot once you have signed off with an exclusive ad provider, you might, later on, discover that the fill rates will simply not rise to your expectations. Since it would be almost impossible for just a single provider to reach 100% fill rates, it would be best to always have a backup of at least a couple of different providers.

Tip #2: Use Multiple Pre-Rolls With The Help Of Ad Pods

Ad pods allow you to boost your video ad revenue by queuing several consecutive ad tags and playing multiple ads in a row. This includes pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll tags. For higher revenues, you should focus on using ad pods in the pre-roll form when working with short videos.

Tip #3: Use Header Bidding

Header bidding refers to a form of programmatic advertising method that allows publishers to provide their ad inventory to multiple ad exchanges at the same time. Advertisers will proceed to bid for the respective inventory and you will get to sell it to the advertiser who is willing to bid the highest. This will bring you extra revenue by enabling the most relevant advertisers to bid on your inventory, thus bring you better deals, so make sure you start using the header bidding technique.

Tip #4: Maximize The Viewability Of Your Ads

The viewability of your ads is extremely important as it will determine the amount of ad revenue that your creatives will be able to generate. The higher this amount, the more money you will make. Focus on better ad placement techniques. For example, start placing your ads as high on your pages as possible for better results. If you are familiar with various types of casino ads and banners promoting the freshest bonuses and promos using top page banners, you already know how important ad viewability truly is.

Keep in mind that Google has strict policies regarding ads above the fold, and you will only be allowed to place a single ad there. Make sure it is your best ad that deserves this honorable position. Another way you could boost viewability on your video ads is by using out-stream video ads together with sticky players. These players enable visitors and users to easily scroll down your pages and thus lead to more view time and increased revenues.

Tip #5: Use Autoplay Ads and Keep Up With the Trends

The cost-per-thousand or CPM, in short, is the cost that the advertiser will pay for one thousand advertisement impressions. This cost is usually different for autoplay ads and manual ads. However, it would appear that autoplay ads have the ability to generate higher revenues, which is why you should go ahead and enable the autoplay feature on your ads, in case you have not done that already. Just remember that the Better Ads Standards implemented by Google currently forbid autoplaying ads while the volume is on. Ute your video ads before you are ready to activate this function and get ready to see your revenues go up.

Finally, make sure to constantly keep an eye on the fast-paced world of online video ads and keep up with the freshest trends and industry regulations that can help you achieve your higher revenue goals. Do not let anything take you by surprise and make sure to implement at least some of the strategies from above to drive the most revenue from all of your video creatives.