4 Ways To Make Money From Your WordPress Blog

Starting a blogging activity can be much fun but it is definitely like carrying a job. Before you get started in the universe of online blogs, make sure you have enough time, determination, and patience to take care of a newborn blog day after day.

bloggingYou Can Monetize Your Blog With WordPress

Consistency is everything when it comes to a new online page or site. But behind so much work, there are also many positive aspects. First and foremost, you can monetize your blog page and start earning money from it. Does it sound nice, don’t you think? Well, blogs are often the best solution to make extra money while writing or posting content about something that you love. For example, if you are a passionate sports follower, you may start a blog about your favourite sports, you can give tips, or help people improve their sports performance.

The easiest and smartest way to monetize a blog is to use WordPress. This is actually the world’s largest publishing platform on earth. If you want to tell it with numbers, consider that WordPress powers over 30% of all existing sites on the internet, which is a very high percentage.

If you decide to use WordPress to earn money from blogging, you can host ads from external companies or sites so every time a visitor of your blog page clicks on the ad, you can earn money. Of course, the larger your blog, the more companies will want to advertise their products through your blog. If you are skilled and you can grow your sports blog quickly, you may even host ads from important sports companies like Sportbetting India. This Indian sports betting source is actually one of the largest not only in the Indian betting environment but also in the entire world. Sports bettors as well as sports followers from all corners of the globe prefer the betting options and bonus deals of Sportsbetting India much more than the offerings of other similar companies.

Take Note Of These Smart Methods To Make Money With A Blog

Of course, we don’t want you to believe that you’ll become rich overnight thanks to online ads on your blog. We just want you to be aware that there are smart methods to make some dollars out of your blog activity. The following points are meant to help you understand how you can actually monetize your blog:

  1. Affiliate marketing
    You may want to recommend products or services to your blog followers using links to the product provider or merchant. This will earn you a referral commission for every visitor who decides to click on that link. If you have a sports blog, you may recommend specific drinks or foods for people who practice sports, for example.
  2. Google AdSenseCPC
    You just have to add a script from Google to your blog for displaying Google AdSense. Similar to the previous point, you’ll get a commission on every click of your blog visitors. This model of ads is called CPC (Cost Per Click) and it’s pretty similar to the well-known Pay Per Click model. The advertiser sets the cost per click. However, you may want to choose the CPM (Click Per Thousand) ads model that earns you a commission every time someone views (and not clicks) an ad on your blog.
  3. WordPress ads Plugin for direct ads
    As you may understand, the money that you can make with Google AdSense is pretty few. As an alternative, you may sell banner space on your blog. This way sounds more lucrative. Also, you can negotiate the price of your banner space with your client on your own. If you can earn more money from selling ad spaces, it’s also because you have to work a little more: you have to manage and agree on prices, costs, terms of use, and other administrative work.
  4. Sell sponsored blog posts
    Some bloggers feel that displaying ads makes them sacrifice the time and energy that they could dedicate to blog posting. Also, certain ads are annoying and repetitive… most blog visitors are literally fed up with such things. You may contact companies and offer yourself to sponsor their products directly on your blog through posts or videos. You may want to sponsor a new brand of gym wear, for example, if sports is still your main blog topic. It’s like promoting products on TV with the only difference that you use your blog page. This method can be largely promising in terms of earning, especially if you can grab the right companies in your field, but it requires a lot of energy and creativity.

Just make research and find out more methods to earn with your blog, don’t miss any good chance!