3 Big Methods To Earn Money With Online Advertising

If you are looking for a go-to source of income as a blogger, your way leads to Google AdSense. As you may already know or easily check out there, most new blogs host Google ads and their traffic turns out to be satisfying. This is true not only for new blog pages, but also for several other web pages including sites of magazines, news, e-learning tools, and even casinos and sports betting online venues.

attracting traffic with adsAlternatives To Google AdSense

However, when it comes to online casinos it’s honest to highlight that not all casinos are on the same level. These Indian no deposit casinos are actually some of the best around for being licensed and verified casino companies with a worldwide reputation in the gambling field. Of course, ads that appear on these digital casinos aren’t too distracting or flashing all the time, everything is made to please the casino gamblers’ eyes and allow them to concentrate on the site navigation.

But if you want to dive into the existing possibilities and valid alternatives to Google AdSense, you are in the right place. In fact, for several reasons, your Google AdSense account may not get approved for a long time, which is annoying when you have your blog ready to host the first ads.

Or maybe you aren’t enough happy with what you can earn from Google AdSense you need to explore different alternatives. Either way, just know that you have plenty of alternatives out there to look for.

Making Money With Other Advertising Methods

Bloggers who are seeking a different solution to finally quit Google AdSense should never stop keeping their search up. Since the internet is an ever-evolving universe, you can’t know when the lucky day where you find an excellent alternative actually comes to knock on your door. So, stay always tuned to the latest ads news that might help you find out what you are looking for.

Also, don’t exclude other ways to make money through your blog. If the actual ads aren’t the best solution from what you can see from your experience, just move to different methods like pay-per-click ads, pop-up ads, networks. Also, you may want to sell your own advertising on your blog or you may want to sell text links on your blogs. Finally, we warmly suggest you have a look at this list of alternative methods to make money with a blog online:

  1. Pay-per-click ads
    The newest name of traditional pay-per-click ads is CPC, a short formula for cost-per-click ads. This is one of the most diffused and common models of online advertising worldwide. Every time a visitor of your blog clicks on the ads, you are paid by the advertiser. Google AdSense isn’t the only way to CPC advertising. You can actually want to use Infolinks, which is one of the largest companies in this industry. Infolinks allows you to implement in-text ads on your blog. You are given a 70% revenue share. The CPC advertising model is similar to the PPC model, as you can see. You can also find more ad companies if you don’t like Infolinks.
  2. Ads sales on your blogAdvertise with us
    This method sounds good for bloggers who already have decent traffic. By selling direct ads on your blog page, you come in direct control of the role of your ads and their results. If you are interested in this alternative, all you need is an “Advertise with us” page that you can easily add to your blog. On this new page, you have to list out the several formats of ads and their cost per month. Also, make a special mention of your Alexa rank, Google PageRank, and other traffic stats that help you attract buyers. Just to get started, you may try BuySellAds, an online ad marketplace that gives you a 75% revenue share.
  3. Text links sales on your blog
    This alternative should be chosen by bloggers who already have good-level traffic on their blogs. The text-link ads model consists of linking a text on your blog to another page of a different site. Since you may go through Google penalty, make sure you insert the “Nofollow” tag. One of the best resources to get started with this ad model is LinkWorth. It’s a worldwide appreciated text-link network. Consider that the minimum payout that you can get from LinkWorth is $25 through Paypal and $100 for Check, wire transfer, and EFT.

We want to dive into the CPC ad system as your income may be subject to huge variations. If you choose CPM (Cost Per Thousand), you are paid every 1,000 ads clicked, which should reduce the margin of income variation.