Stop Ad Blocking

Bring back lost revenue

Ad Layout Optimization

Ad blocking is an industry-wide problem, with even high-quality publishers suffering due to the intrusive ads ran by third parties. Recover some of that lost revenue today and get your earnings back on track.

Ad Layout Optimization to boost your revenue

About our solution:

Measure how much of your audience has ads disabled.

Serve user-friendly ads, adhering to Acceptable Ads and Better Ads.

Easy implementation and next to none required maintenance.

Available on all devices.


Install a simple line of code and find out how much of your audience is using ad blockers and how that can affect your total ad revenue. Publishers can see up to a stunning rate of 40% blocked traffic on average, meaning almost half their earnings are being left on the table! 

Ad Block Measurement
Ad Block Monetization


No shady demand sources, no workarounds, no nonsense. We deliver a pure and simple ad block monetization service, using the same high-quality mainstream platforms that are already part of your existing setup. Our Recovery solution is compatible with Prebid, allowing only safe, non-disruptive ads to be displayed to your web users.

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