About us

Our Mission is to help media owners by taking care of their monetization needs.

We started out as publishers ourselves back in 2001 and for years we tried and tested every major ad space monetization product on the market for one of the top tech sites worldwide - PhoneArena.com. The gained insights and acquired knowledge from this experience allowed us to create a superior solution of our own: a platform, which takes the most valuable assets out there and combines them with our know-how to achieve sustainable yield growth. This is how PubGalaxy was born - a unique ad space monetization solution for premium publishers, which quickly proved to be outperforming even industry leaders.

PubGalaxy Timeline

PubGalaxy delivers sustainable increase in revenues earned from display ad inventory, leveraging the capabilities of the entire RTB ecosystem. We have hand-picked the most valuable assets from the entire programmatic environment and placed them in competition with traditional demand in a way that ensures extremely strong and sustainable performance. In the same time, we consider ad quality and industry standards to be among our top priorities as we strive to ensure a brand-safe environment for your property.

Single platform
Reach to multiple demand sources through a single platform
Brand safety
Brand safety
Custom approach
Custom approach for each publisher

Meet Our Management Team

Pressian Karakostov
Pressian Karakostov Founder & CEO
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov COO
Milen Metev
Milen Metev Chief Financial Officer
Matt Hammond
Matt Hammond Chief Commercial Officer
Dermot Hamblin
Dermot Hamblin Head Of Sales
Pavel Petrov
Pavel Petrov System Integrations Manager
Plamen Atanasov
Plamen Atanasov Software Development and QA Manager
Sam Polimenov
Sam Polimenov Business Development Team Leader
Rick Krastev
Rick Krastev Account Management Team Leader
Stan Ivanov
Stan Ivanov Yield Optimization Manager
Steve Ivanov
Steve Ivanov Ad Ops Team Leader
Martin Dimitrov
Martin Dimitrov Software Development Team Leader
Lyubomir Hristov
Lyubomir Hristov QA Team Leader
Dimitar Penkov
Dimitar Penkov Product Development Team Leader
Ivelina Miteva
Ivelina Miteva Finance Team Leader
Lilia Chipilova
Lilia Chipilova Office Management Team Leader

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