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About us

PubGalaxy is a division of one of the top 3, largest and most influential mobile tech publishers. Since our launch back in 2001, we’ve invested significant time and resources into our strategy for best possible web inventory monetization. In order to increase revenue from ad space sales, we’ve tried and tested every major product on the market, which provides web inventory monetization services of some kind, and extracted the most valuable assets of each. After years of trial and error, our knowledge evolved into a new, unique solution, outperforming anything else we’ve tried.

This is how PubGalaxy was born - a platform for premium publishers, which quickly proved to be outperforming proven leaders in the industry.

13 billion
monthly ad impressions
web properties
100 million

We currently serve over 13 billion monthly ad impressions across a portfolio of 1000+ web properties, reaching an audience of 100 million readers each month.

We partner with publishers among all major verticals including Tech, Viral, News&Media, Music, and Sports, to name a few.


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Our Team

Pressian Karakostov
Pressian Karakostov Founder & CEO
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov Chief Operating Officer
Sam Polimenov
Sam Polimenov Manager
"Publisher Development"
Pressian Stefanov
Pressian Stefanov Manager
"Business Development"
Pavel Petrov
Pavel Petrov Manager
"System Integrations"
Steve Ivanov
Steve Ivanov Manager
"Ad Ops"
Rick Krastev
Rick Krastev Manager
"Account Management"
Stan Ivanov
Stan Ivanov Manager
"Yield Management"
Plamen Atanasov
Plamen Atanasov Manager
"Software Develeopment And QA"

Our Offices

Varna office

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Sofia office

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