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We think like publishers because we started as one. We deeply understand your pains and provide a holistic service that covers all aspects of monetization, so that you have a piece of mind. PubGalaxy takes care of not only your revenue growth but also all technical aspects, ad quality, traffic quality, demand partnerships, ad layout optimizations and UX. We don’t undermine transparency and long-term sustainability of your business, just the opposite – this is what we fight for.

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PubGalaxy In The Press

MediaPost Ads.txt Is Only The First Step In Combating Ad Fraud

Fraud is one of the most prevalent issues in the ad-tech industry. As quickly as technology evolves to fight it, fraudsters are adopting new techniques to continue their ill-intentioned campaigns.

ExchangeWire Independent Publishers: Overcoming Challenges of Focusing on Content & Monetisation

PubGalaxy CEO, Pressian Karakostov, has been interviewed by the ExchangeWire about the challenges that publishers face and how they could overcome them.

MediaPost Amazon's Duopoly Challenge Will Benefit Online Publishers

Amazon looks to be the first global company to disrupt the duopoly’s digital advertising revenue. And the timing couldn’t be better, as the duopoly’s (Facebook, Google) dominance is diminishing, according to eMarketer.

AdExchanger Could GDPR Create A Server-To-Server Golden Age?

GDPR provides the perfect incentive for the industry to address ID syncing, not only to improve header bidding but also to mount a significant challenge to the industry giants.

MediaPost 4 Ways Publishers Can Fight Back Against The Duopoly

These are trying times for the digital publishing industry. The combined effects of ad blockers -- used by almost a quarter of British adults -- and the overarching control of the tech giants make it challenging for smaller publishers to monetise their inventory.

PerformanceIn Are Whitelists Doing Advertisers More Harm than Good?

Whitelists are intended to provide advertisers with a bulletproof solution to brand safety issues but in practice, this is far from the case.

ExchangeWire How publishers can hit ad blocking where it hurts?

Just over a fifth of internet users in the UK have an ad blocker installed, but these tend to be those who access the internet most frequently, meaning almost two-fifths of page views have blocked ads.

The Drum Ad Fraud: how did we get here and where to now

This is an insightful article on threats ad fraud poses to the entire industry, leading to loss of credibility and making it hard to steal budgets away from print, TV, and radio. Unless this is acted upon, the ad tech industry itself might fall victim to ad fraud. How can it be prevented?

The Next Web Fight or flight- Ad networks in present-day RTB landscape

Sarah Atanasova of PubGalaxy Publisher Development team speaks about the role and fate of ad networks in the RTB realms today and what they mean for each side – publishers and media buyers. The article is featured in TheNextWeb.com, a leading online publisher with a focus on international technology news, business and culture.

Venture Beat 4 ways humans still trump automated advertising

VentureBeat.com, a leading online publisher focused on technology innovation, featured our article on the importance of human expertise and analysis in today’s automated advertising, written by Sam Polimenov, Manager Publisher Development team.

PerformanceIn Is Ad Partner Exclusivity a Panacea or a Burden?

PerformanceIN.com, covering the digital media industry, published our article on the pros and cons of ad partner exclusivity, written by Sarah Atanasova of the Publisher Development team.

MartechAvdisor Niche publishing and programmatic – a journey past ad networks and AdSense

MarTechAdvisor.com, an online media for marketing technology news, published our expert view on the role of programmatic for niche publishers and bloggers, written by Sam Polimenov, Manager Publisher Development team.”