We bring The ad revenue

You bring great content

Higher ad revenue and no headaches – It’s as simple as that. For 18 years we’ve been
mastering the art of website monetization, so we can bring that expertise to publishers worldwide.

We bring The ad revenue

You bring great content

Higher ad revenue and no headaches – It’s as simple as that. For 18 years we’ve been mastering the art of website monetization, so we can bring that expertise to publishers, like you.

We started out as a publisher

And still think like one

Our journey began in 2001 and since then we’ve gone to extreme lengths to find the perfect way to monetize our website inventory. That’s why we understand publishers’ pains – we’ve felt them ourselves. Today our mission is to share that experience and provide our clients with the same quality of  monetization services we’d expect ourselves. Supercharge your ad revenue and achieve sustainable growth through high quality monetization solutions, developed just for you – the publisher.

Bespoke strategy

No two websites are the same, so why should their monetization be? Our team of experts creates a custom strategy for each and every one of our publishers, tailored to their needs.

Peak performance

We utilize our entire arsenal of tools and resources to make sure our partners reach their full potential. Each of our publishers gets access to the right pool of demand, top-tier technology and monetization experts to help them find success.

You’re in control

We’re here to navigate you to financial success, but you’re in the driver’s seat.  Be involved as much as you would like, for as long as you need – it’s all your choice. After all, it’s your ad revenue.

Top Monetization Solutions

We take a holistic approach to monetization and provide our publishers with the ultimate toolkit dedicated to increasing ad revenue. The industry is moving fast, so we’re constantly building, developing,  improving. Check out some of our latest and greatest solutions that have brought our clients optimal utility, efficiency and yield.

Powerful Partnerships We’ve Built

Having the right demand for your audience is crucial to achieving the desired results. We provide our clients with full access to our pool of cherry-picked demand partners – both industry leaders and niche monetization platforms.  Here are just a few of the valuable partnerships we’ve established over the years.

Let the numbers talk
Billion Monthly Impressions
Avg. Revenue Increase

Publishers Success Stories

Take a sneak peek at our publishers’ success stories to find out how we have streamlined their monetization strategy, maximized performance and increased their ad revenue.


SegmentNext joined PubGalaxy in early 2018 and we thought we’d share with you how we’ve managed to ramp up their performance and how we compare with their previous partner.


Fotor.com offers an online photo editing tool that attracts a diverse and dedicated audience worldwide. Check out the story to find out how they streamlined their processes and maximized ad revenue.


Scott Webster from AndroidGuys.com is one of those publishers who can share knowledge from over a decade worth of experience. Check out his monetization learnings in the success story below.


What Our Publishers Say About Us

We are proud to be trusted by some of the best website owners across the globe, helping them reach beyond their monetization goals.
Have a look at what our partners say about the results we have achieved together.

PubGalaxy has aided us in monetizing, maximizing our revenue and streamlining a number of processes. With great performance and excellent support, PubGalaxy is highly recommended.

Connie lin

If I had to choose one word to describe our partnership, it would be ‘transparency’. We were in constant contact with PubGalaxy on and off for the last two years and in 2018, we finally took a leap of faith and we are glad that we did. PubGalaxy Premium partnerhship is great for a publisher of our size due to the constant communication that leads to continuous imrpovement.

Zawad Iftikhar

PubGalaxy has been consistently offering great support and new opportunities for a greater revenue every month.

Eber do Carmo
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Chome 80 third-party cookies
22 Jan: Google Chrome and The End of the Third-Party Cookies

Last week Google announced that it will be shutting down third-party cookies on its popular web browser – Chrome. By 2022, the tech giant’s largest targeted advertising technology will be gone for good. Google’s decision intends to encourage publishers, advertising companies and other browser providers to help Google create a new set of privacy-focused web standards.  This move definitely shook the advertising world and the first step towards the new status quo is already in sight. Google has announced that it will limit cross-site tracking in their browser by default, starting in February 2020 with the release of Chrome 80.

Ad revenue | Website monetization for Publishers | PubGalaxy
10 Jan: ADS.txt and Sellers.json – benefits for the publisher

why it is so important to implement them Ads.txt and Sellers.json aren’t new to the programmatic industry. If you’re a publisher you’re most likely familiar with the terms and probably already adopted the initiative. We have covered this topic before, so we will briefly remind you of the basics.

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