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What is PubGalaxy?

PubGalaxy is a platform for premium website owners/Publishers, which specializes in website ad space monetization. Our mission is to deliver sustainable increase in revenues earned from display ad inventory, leveraging the capabilities of the entire RTB ecosystem.

We have hand-picked the most valuable assets from the entire programmatic environment, and placed them in competition with traditional demand, in a way that ensures extremely strong and sustainable performance.

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  • "We started working with PubGalaxy in early 2014 and have remained impressed at the rates, campaigns and timely payments, not to mention the excellent delivery of ads that don't impact page content. We also enjoy quick support turnarounds, so much so that we have not looked elsewhere to satisfy our remnant needs..."

    Steve Parker  Neowin
  • “PubGalaxy has helped us find revenue that didn’t exist before. Better reach through PubGalaxy means better monetization. Tracy is laser focused on our account and has been extremely beneficial to our success.”

    Brian Gilbert  What si my ip
  • "We have been a publisher with PubGalaxy since 2013, and the partnership has helped SpeedGuide monetize our ad inventory much more efficiently than just using Google AdSense and competing ad networks. Implementation was easy and seamless, and performance has been very good..."

    Philip Filipov  SpeedGuide

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