Let the entire RTB ecosystem and static demand partners
compete for your inventory!

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Target your audience across all platforms. PubGalaxy provides the most efficient way to optimize media buying across billions of impressions from thousands of publishers.

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Everything we do is focused on helping you earn the most for your inventory. PubGalaxy specializes in website traffic monetization, both web and mobile.

Thanks to our unique technology and dedicated day to day human optimization we recognize the true value of each impression and let you earn the most out of it.

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Strategic relationships are one of the best ways to achieve higher results and reach new audience.

 We offer reach to premium inventory at scale across all platforms.

About PubGalaxy

PubGalaxy is unique solution working across the entire RTB ecosystem and way beyond.

We offer premium publishers unique approach allowing them to sell both, desktop and mobile inventory, to premium advertisers across the globe at highest possible rates.

We combine the most precise algorithms and data with the expertise of human interaction to ensure that the best from both worlds is working for you. We never get tired of monitoring, analyzing and improving results as we constantly strive for the best results for our partners.

We achieve strong results without sacrificing ad quality. 


Looking for a more unique approach?

Nowadays it’s hard to grab user’s attention with just standard methods and this is where high impact solutions and custom placements come into play to reach users in a unique way and at places you wouldn’t reach with just standard units and automated buys.


Brand safe environment – PubGalaxy brings you quality creatives from all leading advertisers. The result is consistently effective and relevant advertising that engages your visitors.

Publisher support – we realize how unique each business is, therefore our dedicated account and yield managers will work with you closely to find out an unique approach that matches best your business model. We know how dynamic the environment is and our team will ensure optimizations never end so we constantly grow your revenues and never stop searching for better results.

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